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Get Fired Up! The start of the 5 Element Theory

by Ernie Boxall on October 6, 2014

5 Elements of Business..the alternative business plan








I work in the Complementary Therapy business as a Shiatsu Therapist and Wellbeing Supervisor. The work involves The 5 Elements: Fire: Earth: Metal: Water and Wood and the energetics they produce physically and psychologically. So, I got to thinking about how these same five elements could relate to your business.


“ attending to the wellbeing of one part only leads to the death of all, including the part itself, and that healing only derives from the harmony of different natures.”

So let’s explore where this leads for you, on line or off line…I believe the whole Universe began with a huge burst of FIRE. How far from imagination is it that your business, or your blog, wasn’t born in the same manner?  Was there a moment where you said “That’s for me,” with the certainty that it was your path to a “successful” life?

     “By the way, I became self-employed the day a company “Fired Me!!!” So in the 5 Element scheme, I hatched a plan to go self-employed and through using this system I began to grow a business that has, over the years been tossed by the waves of the economy, starved of nutrients, shackled by cash flow, meandered through dry pastures and sometimes been close to falling. But always, one of the elements has fallen in place to re-light the fire. Which is where we’ll start.


FIRE: The spark; the idea. This is the energy which wakes us up in the morning and keeps our business growing.  All the elements were put out into the Universe in the “Big Bang.”

How successful that explosion of Fire has been is history now since we all grew from there!


  • How successful has Fire been in your life?
  • How effective is your ability to produce ideas and communicate them?
  • How often have you been told you were “on fire”; “fired up” or a “bright spark?”
  • In the current climate, have you lost your Fire, your Desire and Enthusiasm?
    Have you lost Heart?
  • Or are you prepared to re-light the Fire, to seek fresh ideas, to go out there and communicate your idea to the public?

Set time aside to look at and think about these questions for yourself…


You’re brainchild now has life and what I’m offering is an alternative system of checking up on the present state of your project and how to drive it forward successfully. No charts; questionnaires or in depth analysis. Just an alternative way of looking at the business you’re about to set light to.

Business, on line or off line, began with this burst of energy and we all search for the elements to keep the fire going. We gather the fuel together; the ideas; the planning and the marketing then we seek to spread our brand to the outside world. The most successful way to do this is to communicate our message to as many people as possible, and in my experience one of the best ways to do this is to advertise that the FIRE is being lit.

When we present our idea (or our blog) to the public we’re building a beacon; a message which can light up information or send warnings across the land. The beacons are built with structure, planning and stability. The ideas we need for success grow through structure (content); planning (professionalism) and stability (honesty.)

Two of the best FIRE examples for me are: James Dyson the inventor who seems to have had so many ideas he deserves a whole string of beacons all to himself. The “daddy” of all modern “ideas” men, his technological expertise lit a flame under inventive entrepreneurs (or for the older members amongst us. What about Edison, didn’t he have a thousand ideas a day?”)


Craig Valentine “World Champion of Public Speaking” who knocked me out with his “Fired Up” presentation on an Entrepreneurial site some years ago. The whole delivery of his message, the communication to the group who had already been “corralled” into the save space of a “sign in site,” was like seeing the first match being put to the tinder. The audience were safely sitting close enough to the energy source to be warmed and responsive, (even over the internet) and burst into applause at the announcement of Craig’s name.

James Dyson’s contribution to the element was the IDEA and Craig’s contribution was the COMMUNICATION which a good fire; built solidly, allows.


  • Fire gathers people to talk, to listen and to bring purpose. How often have we been “Fired Up” by motivational speakers, skilled at radiating the enthusiasm and “calls to action”? As well as being the beginning of our journey, Fire can bring things to fruition. Heat is often the catalyst for change.

The 3 Torch lights of the FIRE Element…

  • Plan to build a structure with you at the helm…
  • Gather ideas together and choose the best for the purpose…
  • Build the ideas into a business (blog) on solid Earth…

So, for the first part of The 5 Element Theory ask yourselves, whether or not the next idea, the next business or the next blog post you have will ignite the interest of the public and become a beacon for you.

  • Are you on top of the situation with everything you need in place?
  • Are you certain that the idea has the structure to withstand any early setbacks and has the business got the potential to interest the public?

Because we’re always being told that even the finest business (blog) in the world will fail without an audience willing to buy into our show.

In the next part of the “5 Element Theory” I want to explore the need to build our FIRE on solid Earth. This means that the beacons are useless unless people can see them, so they have to be set on solid ground. The people, your customers, have to be sure that it’s save to approach you and stay close enough to you to get the full benefit of whatever it is you’re offering, without “Getting Burnt.”

I’ve recently been involved with a brilliantly creative entrepreneur who spent time with me building a relationship (or so I thought.) Time and time again I was told by people who had dealt with him that he would let me down, but I believe that every business I deal with should be judged on my own experience. Up to a couple of weeks ago I was working closely with the man involved. I’ve since learned that what he was offering is unlikely to appear. He is building his FIRE on marshland and sometime in the future it will collapse and sink. Or our relationship wasn’t as closely linked as I thought.

The FIRE must be built on solid ground, solid earth so that people are drawn safely to its location. So we’ll explore EARTH





The 5 Elements of Business

by Ernie Boxall on October 4, 2014

Business Owner and Practitioner







I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Doug Foresta; Host, The Coachzing Show; Host at Creating Change and Radio Host at Empower Radio, on the topic of “The 5 Elements of Business” (and once again my sincere thanks to Doug for the opportunity and his masterful hosting.)

I was introduced to the 5 Element Theory as a Shiatsu practitioner in 2002, as a means of connecting to the emotional and physical symptoms which a client may be unaware of as a cause of dis-comfort. It’s another tool in diagnosis.

As  a business owner though it struck me that the same theories could act as a tool for seeing where our businesses stand and how they are progressing, or not! So, whilst there are more detailed descriptions of the theory here is the outline of my article:

Remember 5 Element Theory goes in a circular not a linear direction so that after the final element Wood we return to the first element Fire and the circle begins again.

FIRE: The Spark, the energy, the new business idea. Controlled Fire draws a crowd and leads to communication..just what a new business idea requires.

EARTH: The support system that allows the business idea to take shape. It’s no good building a fire in a swamp if you want to attract a  crowd. Your partner (s), your staff, your clients and your networking members.

METAL: The cash needed to grow the business idea into an actual business, the precious metal of coinage to give in receipt of a service. Metal also gives us the potential for building fences or boundaries between ourselves and clients. How close or how far away or do we keep them? Or else our ethical boundaries, how far are we prepared to be honest in our dealings?

WATER: All running water flows forwards, but at different speed, and the speed of the flow influences the nature of the water’s effects. Water can flow smoothly from a trickle, through a stream into a river into the sea: It can meander in short or long turns, as if  in procrastination:It can actually cut itself off from the mainstream and become a stagnant pool: Or it can flood disastrously in a torrent               wiping away everything that’s been put in place.

WOOD:  Trees grow where all the elements are present, the Sun, water, earth and metals. Trees can provide us with direction, height, distance, width and depth. They are also a business plan, a blueprint. An acorn knows exactly what it is going to be, and it knows how long     it’s going to take to get there. Wood also provides the fuel for the next Fire, for the next business idea.

So there we are, the outline of 5 Elements of Business. For a more in depth follow me on or

Business Owner and Practitioner


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