My Name is Ernie Boxall I am a Personal Trainer and Corporate Well-Being Instructor. Please view the video below.

Together, we can change the way you exercise and bring balance and well-being into your life. I specialise in a number of fields with a focus on oriental therapies and arts including

  • Tai Chi
  • Shiatsu Therapy
  • Qi Gung and Makka Ho Exercises
  • Personal & Group Training

Shiatsu Awareness Month of September

by Ernie Boxall on September 10, 2014

Magic Hands – Ernie Boxall – runs Japanese therapy awareness month in September at ArtsTrail Studio. Book your taster session today by calling 07962 216833. Check out his website:
Photo: Magic Hands - Ernie Boxall - runs Japanese therapy awareness month in September at ArtsTrail Studio. Book your  FREE taster session today by calling 07962 216833. Check out his website:


T’ai Chi Updates for August 2014

by Ernie Boxall on August 7, 2014

August 2014 has seen the holiday season have an effect on classes which means two of them have been suspended for the month. The Wednesday evening class at The Waverley Centre, Kenilworth and Thursday class at St Annes and All Saints Church, Coventry. The classes will begin again in the first week of September and look forward to seeing new and more experienced friends at the first class.

The new Free class at The Arts Trail, 5-7 Livery Street. Leamington Spa will continue outside if the weather in August holds or inside when it changes. We now have two regular visitors and all the children who spontaneously take part. Why not re new that inner child and take the opportunity to move more easily, by joining in.


For Your Body’s Sake..Keep moving

July 16, 2014

  If you’re anything like me, you may have spent much of your life either in contact sports or in work that involved poor posture or positions of stress.    The damage is done, now what?       Thank goodness exercise doesn’t come in just one package. Many people put on plenty of pounds of fat, […]

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When The Child Cries…

June 26, 2014

When the child cries…Treat the MOTHER! That was the axiom we were taught in the first year of our shiatsu training in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This meant treating one set of symptoms to relieve or prevent a more serious illness. But how relevant is it in modern life? I’m often in coffee […]

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The Top Ten Excuses for NOT Exercising… and How to Overcome them

March 23, 2014

Hello, Most people over 50 years old want to be able to move – pain free.. But that’s the catch. Instead of finding a way of exercise NOW, they leave it until another day. Some time in the distant future – they will get round to doing something, sometime, it’s a nice, safe PLAN. The […]

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T’ai Chi Introduction

January 4, 2014

Welcome to my series about T’ai Chi . I saw a great quote from Lea Genders ( “I love the idea that exercise doesn’t have to feel like exercise.” I grew up a fat kid whose saving grace was he could play a bit of football. How many of you remember the time when a […]

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Have You Ever Worked For A B—–D? Was it YOU?

December 28, 2013

Have You Ever Worked For A B*****D?  Was it YOURSELF? How many of us on Linkedin have worked for a b—–d in our life? The boss who’s sent us to do the dirty work while picking up the credit and passing on the blame. The boss you’ve looked at in contempt as the hours you […]

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Why T’ai Chi

July 17, 2013

Why T’ai Chi ?  I know that T’ai Chi has allowed me to find a level  of flexibility way beyond the level of my younger years and learned a discipline that will stay with me for the foreseeable future. But is that enough to bring even martial artists, athletes and the general public along? Probably not. But, fused with the  challenge of Makka […]

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T’ai Chi and Polar Bears…in Kenilworth.

July 17, 2013

The ‘Polar Bears and Paddleboards’ team now around two weeks away from heading to the Arctic to undertake the worlds first stand-up paddleboard expedition in Arctic waters.   What started as a hazy conversation around eighteen months ago has developed in to a world class project which includes supporting charities, encouraging people to get active, […]

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Personal Trainer in Kenilworth…

June 30, 2013

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in Kenilworth,Leamington or surrounding areas? I’ve been working with people who want to balance their health and fitness for over forty years. Since I recently moved to Kenilworth I thought I’d dedicate my personal training to these areas. I love training inside and outside, so here we have […]

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