Why T’ai Chi

by Ernie Boxall on July 17, 2013

Why T’ai Chi ?

 I know that T’ai Chi has allowed me to find a level  of flexibility way beyond the level of my younger years and learned a discipline that will stay with me for the foreseeable future. But is that enough to bring even martial artists, athletes and the general public along? Probably not. But, fused with the  challenge of Makka Ho stretches and focused breathing it certainly is. Anyone who has seen the work knows the physical and mentally challenging of completing a class can be. Anyone who wants to know more should ask themselves a couple of questions:
  1. Would this level of flexibility improve my mobility?
  2. Do I have the discipline to attend regularly?
  3. Do I have the physical ability to complete the workshop?
In other words have I got the ability and the discipline  to really test myself no matter what level of movement I have now?
Introducing Ernie Boxall
Ernie  teaches T’ai Chi and exercise  in and around Coventry and Warwickshire, his classes are always a challenge and there are many different class levels to suit all needs including:
  • Go into  depth about how T’ai Chi  opens and transforms your life.
  • How the seeds are planted in the very first class you attend.
  • How the seductive power of T’ai Chi  is an addictive calling to go deeper into yourself.
Everyone  knows that T’ai Chi works on more than just the physical level but most people are restricted to focusing on the methods that have always been thought of as fitness sessions . Many professional athletes and even contact sports clubs have looked at the practice for a few years now and have enjoyed the benefits of a complementary programme . Can you really dismiss the chance to learn more about this now?
 “Learn How To Move More Easily”
So what else has the “Learn How To Move More Easily” class  got to offer?  
  • T’ai Chi Exercise sessions will concentrate on the techniques of coordinating movement with long slow breathing to expand the lungs, strengthen the legs and relax the upper body.
  • The Makka Ho section will teach you a set of flexibility movements that will open up your joints and learn a routine of  regular exercise which can be translated into any routine you already have. We will also go into some of the psychological aspects of the work.
  • The T’ai Chi form will be sixty minutes focusing on a form which has it’s basics in martial arts and is not the “easy option” of exercise many people think it is. Why do so many people marvel at the “old people” moving so strongly in the parks of China and many other countries? It’s as if they think the practitioners have only just taken up the practice in their old age.
Again, ask yourselves these questions:
  1. Will the balance and coordination I’ll learn help me move more easily?
  2. Will the practical flexibility work improve the number of years I am mobile?
  3. Can I have the level of smooth movement shown by the T’ai Chi teacher on the course?
6 questions that will decide whether or not you take a look at what we have to offer.
What’s easier for you? To come along and work with two movement experts or do nothing about challenging yourself and learning how to improve your sports fitness and your general health at the same time?
T’ai Chi Exercise is your chance to learn how to move more easily, and continue  to move more often.
For more information on T’ai Chi, it’s benefits and locations contact me:
07962 216833
And receive your FREE copy of “The 10 Tips To Better Health.”

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