Have You Ever Worked For A B—–D? Was it YOU?

by Ernie Boxall on December 28, 2013

Have You Ever Worked For A B*****D?  Was it YOURSELF?

How many of us on Linkedin have worked for a b—–d in our life? The boss who’s sent us to do the dirty work while picking up the credit and passing on the blame. The boss you’ve looked at in contempt as the hours you are asked to work keep being clocked up and home life has suffered, while your partner starts to resent everything about your work. How many of us have woken up in the morning, looked into the mirror and sighed at the thought of going into work again to work our butts off for no credit?

How many of us have looked in the mirror and failed to understand that the b—–d is US?

I met my first client nearly six years ago as he entered one of my classes with a member of the club who had been with me for a few months. I introduced myself politely and asked about his present health and mobility, as all good instructors should.

The class lasted an hour and at the end he left the class and as far as I know went straight home from the club…(the class is T’ai Chi so sweat didn’t really come into it. Fortunately for me, he came back for the next few classes as well and at the end of one introduced himself and we stayed a while for a drink of tea.

Philip began by saying how much he’d enjoyed the experience and “how much looser he’d felt generally and, how much his drive had improved at golf. As I was later to learn, this was pretty much the clincher. Philip invited me to become his personal trainer and for the last five years we’ve met twice a week pretty much every week since.

It was after a few months that Philip talked about his upbringing and the journey that has shaped his success. He was born near Manchester and was a bright pupil at school before he took his first job on the lower rungs of the ladder at Harrods in London. The guts and the drive it must have taken to take that journey to the other end of the country and begin a career speaks of his personality. Not only did he work in the biggest store in the country but he took himself off to night school to take study accounts. In fact his schedule meant that he decided to take a three year degree in two years, which in turn saw him arriving home around midnight to begin homework. His working day started at 6 am to get back to Harrods for work.

This was his working life through the years as he climbed the ladder towards a career as the international shoe buyer for the group. Philip found that he had a flair for predicting the trend for the next seasons designs. What would sell and what wouldn’t. Eventually, he left the company and began building a career in shoes by visiting hospitals and care homes to fit shoes. Again his drive and business acumen allowed him to succeed in building a company which brought with it a higher income and more pressure. Eventually, Philip was able to take over a shoe shop which over the years he built up into a chain of very successful high end shoes. That was his position as he entered the class.

It was then that Philip passed on the benefit of hiring me as his personal trainer with two of the best quotes I’ve been able to use in my presentations:

“I’ve realised,” he said “that we don’t do anything I couldn’t do myself. But I wouldn’t!”

“I’m paying you to knock on my door and drag me away from the desk.”

He carried on to say that he employed me because many of his business colleagues in the industry had suffered high blood pressure, heart attacks and worse.

“I’ve worked for a bastard for forty years,” he told me “It was me.”

Five years on and Philip still enjoys his golf and his twice weekly sessions, he holidays two or three times a year and he’s earned every one of those holidays. But now he ENJOYS the rest and the golf, he enjoys the walks and the entertainment. Working together we have been able to gain and maintain a level of health and fitness far above his expectations six or so years ago.

If you live in Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick or Coventry and if you want to learn about the “Move More Easily” programme contact me through the website or call:07962 216833.

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