The Top Ten Excuses for NOT Exercising… and How to Overcome them

by Ernie Boxall on March 23, 2014

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Most people over 50 years old want to be able to move – pain free..

But that’s the catch.

Instead of finding a way of exercise NOW, they leave it until another day. Some time in the distant future – they will get round to doing something, sometime, it’s a nice, safe PLAN.

The trouble is, it isn’t EVER more than a plan until they TAKE ACTION.

So, why don’t they make the first move?

Well, here are a few possible reasons. See which ones sound familiar to you.

1. You have no idea HOW to get started. You wonder if you even know what to do to exercise without pain..

2. You’ve collected all sorts of information from books – notes, dvd’s, etc. but now you don’t know what to do with it all.

3. You THINK you don’t have time to exercise right now since you can’t devote large chunks of time to working out.

4. You’re not sure how to structure your sessions. Should it be at a health club or outdoors? How many sessions should it be? How much time will it take?

5. You don’t think health clubs have the sessions you need, at the times you’re available. But working outdoors isn’t for you.

6. You can’t get motivated to work on your own and then STAY motivated to continue exercising. This is particularly true if you’ve started your plan but just can’t seem to move forward with it.

7. You have trouble with joint pain, stiffness and maybe relaxation, and you get frustrated when your energy drops.

8. You’re not completely sure what exercise would do for you – especially if you have to shell out your money for sessions. Why spend money on all that? Will it be worth it?

9. You can’t figure out whether you need a personal trainer.

10. It all seems so overwhelming when you want to move more easily, with balance and flexibility but can’t find sessions that suit you..some sessions sound like fun. But you really don’t want to take all the decisions yourself to set up these kinds of things.

Any – or ALL – of this sound familiar?

Don’t worry.

Starting next month, I’ll be opening up the Balance Health and Fitness T’ai Chi Exercise Method…Personal and Group exercise sessions which can really work to improve movement safely and effectively.

I’ll be helping each member to move past any of these excuses and get a complete exercise programme written in just 16 weeks.

Are you ready to move past excuses and move more easily?

Then sign up today for The Art of Movement at:

Don’t delay. Registration closes Monday 31st March.

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