When The Child Cries…

by Ernie Boxall on June 26, 2014

When the child cries…Treat the MOTHER!

That was the axiom we were taught in the first year of our shiatsu training in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This meant treating one set of symptoms to relieve or prevent a more serious illness. But how relevant is it in modern life? I’m often in coffee houses or tea rooms in meetings and see groups of new mothers slumped into the chairs trying to hold conversations with friends who appear to be in the same situation.

   I began to write an article at 01.15 and felt the overpowering fog of tiredness beginning to seep into my work. It suddenly occurred to me that the following questions need to be looked at:
  • How many new mother’s are routinely awake at this time of the morning feeding the baby; cuddling a crying baby; downstairs with a restless baby?
At  14.26 that afternoon I was back on the computer completing the article and again realised that the same Mums were now probably having the same routine
  •  How many Mums are feeding the baby again: trying to keep up with housework; getting the place ready for the family to come home to? 

It occurred to me that these circumstances have consequences, and many of them negative. I asked myself some questions:

  • How long before you snap and begin to shout
  • How long before tiredness drives a wedge between you and your partner?

The partner is working long hours to build a home and life for the family and needs and when he arrives home is either under pressure to complete work or simply “knackered.” I’m sure few women wouldn’t have experienced these situations, I know the mother’s of my children did. And, unfortunately I often arrived home after a full day of talking to and listening to complaints from clients or patients so wasn’t in the mood to talk that much. It was only at the weekends that the real consequences of a full day’s “baby” routine was driven home.

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