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Personal Trainer in Kenilworth…

June 30, 2013

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in Kenilworth,Leamington or surrounding areas? I’ve been working with people who want to balance their health and fitness for over forty years. Since I recently moved to Kenilworth I thought I’d dedicate my personal training to these areas. I love training inside and outside, so here we have […]

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Learn How To move More Easily in 2013…

January 7, 2013

    Welcome to 2013 and the new T’ai Chi Exercise workbook from Balance Health and Fitness. The first days of the New Year can be the most inspiring of the year as we all look forward to a more successful year to come. In reality we all know that they can also be the […]

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2013 and your health and fitness

December 27, 2012

  As another year comes to an end, it’s time to start planning for even greater health and fitness in 2013. As a professional therapist and personal trainer, part of your Health and Fitness Plan for 2013 might be to start working with a coach. Almost all of the top performers in any field have had a […]

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Free CD of Tai Chi exercise

August 15, 2012

Please fill in your details below for your FREE CD.

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“10 Tips To Feeling Better”

November 6, 2011

  10 Tips To Start Feeling Fitter and Performing Better How To Improve Your Well being..no matter who you are… 1. Taking A Positive Attitude. Take a positive, calm attitude into each days practice: Don’t force yourself to try and do the movements. Relax into the positions and movements because you have the rest of […]

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10 Tips to Exercise-The Hardest Part is…

June 1, 2011

10 Tips To Exercise comes from a over 55 years of working towards being the best I can be for the time of life.. Right from the early days of my gymwork, running and sports training most of my week has been spent either working up a sweat, or getting others to work up a […]

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Fitness For Free..Exercise outdoors

May 15, 2011

Very few experiences can beat Fitness for Free..exercising outdoors. We have just returned from Over Haddon and small village in the Peak District overlooking Bakewell and it’s an fitness heavan. The stone cottages of Manor Farm provide a relaxing and welcoming base for some of the most enjoyable free fitness programmes you’ll ever find. From […]

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GYMBOSS in Bodyweight Exercises

March 29, 2011

Why Gymboss? You’re doing your sets of Step exercises. You’re near to your limits and you thighs are burning.Your balance is shakey: You’re looking for the last words of encouragement from your coach:Your coach is checking the watch to see how much more time you have to do. What you’re coach isn’t doing is focusing […]

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Workouts To Warwick

February 8, 2011

Balance Health and Fitness has now brought Workout to Warwick..a set of sessions at St Nicholas Park, Warwick throughout the week. At the moment sessions are Tuesday and Friday mornings 6.45 am with a session of walking/running as a warm up and then bodywork exercises in circuits to suit all levels of fitness..these sessions are […]

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A Fast Fat Loss Exercise (At Home)

November 25, 2010

How to “Stop Work/Life From Killing You”   Take Action”   As an introduction to the work we do, I want to give you an example of a 5 minute self-relaxation session, which should be done three times a week. The session has been taken from a method of focusing on the breathing as a […]

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