Shiatsu Therapy

A Shiatsu Journey…the first of three years

June 1, 2013

A Shiatsu Journey A Shiatsu Journey, my shiatsu journey anyway, began in an amazing way which set my feet on the path I’m still on, and hope to be on for a long, long time to come. I’d been attending a t’ai chi group for two years when we were invited to a Health and Ecology Show […]

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“Balance at The Almanac”…The European Shiatsu Week 17th -19th September

August 23, 2012

Learn one of the “Secrets of Moving More Easily and Sleeping More Soundly.” We’re promoting Natural Health Care and Lifestyle along with Balance Health and Fitness and The Almanac where we are offering 20 minutes of massage in a friendly venue. We’ll work to give you something different and help  you “Feel Even Better.” 6 […]

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Free CD of Tai Chi exercise

August 15, 2012

Please fill in your details below for your FREE CD.

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Shiatsu Therapy…not Beauty Therapy…

March 11, 2011

I’ve just been shown a story from America about 2 employees of Virgin Airlines sueing for $500.000 dollars because of the repetitive strain injuries they received while giving “shiatsu” to passengers.READ ON>>>> It turns out one is quoted as saying “I’ve only ever wanted to be a Beauty Therapist”…”now I can’t push my trolley in […]

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