Tai Chi Fitness in Leamington Spa,Coventry, Leek Wooton and Kenilworth..exercise without injury!

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Move More Easily..and More Safely with T’ai Chi Exercise



Tai Chi is an exercise system of body movements which are based on the martial arts, and includes programmes to improve the breathing, co-ordination, balance, strength and flexibility and achieve physical and mental balance.

Tai Chi classes in Leamington Spa,Coventry, Leek Wooton and Kenilworth

I hold Tai Chi classes in Leamington Spa,Coventry, Leek Wooton and Kenilworth

Why not come to one yourself? Tai Chi is a wonderful way to progress towards improved health, flexibility and internal strength.

Moreover, with Tai Chi this can be attained without the joint straining, breath-taking and energy sapping “side effects” of many cardio-vascular and body building sessions seen in fitness clubs and centres.

Tai Chi is based on exercise tha:

  • Does not sprain joints, strain muscles or over exert the lungs. 
  • Does improve flexibility, strength and suppleness.
  • Is not just an exercise for the “elderly” the younger a Tai Chi practitioner starts the longer they will achieve good health. 

The dedication required to to begin and follow a Tai Chi form is no different to that of any other athlete and the benefits of the practise can go way beyond those of sports training. Warming up, sleep, balance and rehabilitation are all linked to the Tai Chi programme.

For people suffering from disabling illnesses like arthritis, back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, MS or ME; Tai Chi is the ideal form of movement where the needs of the class differ.

The constant practise of Tai Chi develops the positive mental and physical aspects of training in sport and in life. It can be as physically challenging as circuit training and as gentle as dancing; it is as hard as a gym session and as peaceful as moving meditation.

I have practised Tai Chi for 14 years and I will faithfully enjoy passing on the form and benefits of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Makka Ho exercise to classes at

  • The Charles Watson Rooms. Leamington Spa.
  • The Parochial Hall – Kenilworth.
  • The Warwickshire Club, Leek Wooton.
  • The Village Hotel, Coventry

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