So relaxing – I fell asleep!

In my go go go life, it’s hard to find the time to stop. But with Balance Health and Fitness, i took some time out and experienced the benefits that therapist Ernie’s experience could have. I took the triple-prong approach and tried it all -Workout, T’ai Chi AND Shiatsu Massage! For me, the combination of T’ai Chi and Shiatsu massage was great. Ernie definitely knows his stuff and helped me get the most out of the session. It’s amazing that in just one session your well-being can be transformed from hectic to mellow. So a lunchtime session would be great to ‘face’ the afternoon or especially in the evening, as a wind down before sleep. Plus Ernie travels to you at home or your office or will find somewhere to suit making it all the more relaxing and therefore competitively priced. From my experience, i’d definitely recommend the T’ai Chi and Shiatsu Massage from an expert like Ernie.

Becky Smith. Leamington Spa People

“I myself have never received a massage of any variety and would class myself as a bit of a sceptic.

How wrong I was.

It was clear from a 15 minute session spent with Ernie that there is real healing power ‘in them there’ hands.

I left our meeting feeling that I would definitely like to try further treatments and feel more open to similar remedies.”

Helen Crisp..Tirebuck UK


“After a very busy period within our mailing and warehouse department, it was time for a well earned treat. Ernie came along to our offices and each team member had a 20 minute shiatsu massage. He provided an excellent service and great value for money – it made a nice change to the bacon sandwich or bag of doughnuts we would normally treat ourselves too!”

Rebecca Fahy.


“After knowing Ernie for a while i decided to try his massage after I had fallen ill with flu and wasn’t getting better. I felt amazing despite being sick and indeed feel amazing after everything session. Now I call him, Magic Ernie because he is truly remarkable and I would highly recommend that anyone gives Magic Ernie a go at least once to see how amazing you can feel.”  

Colin Durrant. Colins IT


“For over two years, Ernie has been providing a shiatsu massage to my team at Print2Please every last Friday of the month. Everybody looks forward to him coming– the twenty minutes or so each spend with Ernie relaxes them, re-energizes them and provides such a welcome boost on a day which can often be quite frenetic.

Incredible value– it is motivational for the team to know that the company cares about them, and Ernie is just brilliant. I know because if I am on site,I get my massage and that damned stiff shoulder is a thing of the past.

Tony Herbert. Directo


“Ernie comes to our premises once a month and gives all of us a wonderful Shiatsu massage. He is that good, that even if people are off for the day, then tend to come in anyway to ensure they don’t miss him!!

Ernie really knows what he is doing and even when we have been at our most stressed his massages relax us completely.

Any employer who really wants to look after their staff should consider hiring Ernie. He offers fantastic value for money and is universally welcomed. Go on show your staff how much they mean to you!!”

Carol Miskimmon Print2Please


“After an initial consultation and “taster” shiatsu massage with Ernie, I felt revitalized, relaxed and physically well-balanced. I would recommend him to anyone who, like me, works at a desk and is a victim of poor posture.”

Maxine Howe


“My occupation can be quite physically demanding, any ache’s or pains i get as a result are easily taken away with no pins needles or drugs by Ernie @ Balance Health & Fitness. I Have been using the services of Balance for nearly 18 months and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Alan Watts AW Autotech


“Ernie is a person of high integrity and quality work. His methods encompass the healing practice at its best.”

Linda LeMay


“Ernie provides a first class service. After a 30 minute taster session of Shiatsu Massage I felt completely at ease and relaxed. Following this I was able to play 4 consecutive days of golf without the usual aches and pains. Highly recommended, thank you Ernie.” 

Peter McNulty APFS


“Ernie is a professional & the time I spent with him was magical. He introduced me to Tai Chi which I thoroughly enjoyed, I could feel the benefits straight away, it enabled me to focus on how my body & mind moved in harmony in a gentle way but at the same time allowing me to see the inner strength I had forgotten I had, my mind felt lighter & straight away less stressful. Then Ernie gave me a Shiatsu massage…OMG, (if you have never had this then you must go to Ernie!) I’ve had the best nights’ sleep since & still continuing to have them, I haven’t slept this well for a very long time. As I find it hard to relax this was a wonderful release for all the tension constantly felt in my back & shoulders, which is endured instead of being cured, Ernie has the magical touch!” 

Maria Marshalsea



“Ernie takes time to listen to your issues and then come up with realistic and achievable options. His laid-back exterior masks a steely determination to make you achieve your goals. He really knows his stuff.” 

Guy Ashworth



Ernie is a great person who gives fantastic treatment. Not only that but he never stops thinking about people and is a great net worker. Top chap.” 

Roger Greasby.. Born In A Barn Studios


“Ernie has been teaching my husband and I Tai Chi. I was surprised to find how much I am enjoying it. After each session we feel energised and that we’re taking care of our bodies. Ernie loves what he does and brings a calm, gentle spirit that makes the learning really enjoyable and fun. We highly recommend him especially if you are looking for a gentle way back into exercising.” 

Moira Bailey


“I have been very privileged to meet and network alongside Ernie from Balance Health and Fitness on a huge variety of business occassions over the last four years. From the grim to the glam, I know that Ernie is happy to represent his business in a whole host of places, as long as he has the opportunity to help and to heal. I have seen Ernie working his magic fingers at leisure centres and community events, all the way through to impressive Award ceremonies and large prestigious networking events. I have also had the opportunity to have a glimpse of Ernie instructing a class which was most impressive. I know Ernie to an an extremely gentle, thoughtful and hardworking person. I would have no hesitation in referring Ernie and his services to any person who is seeking to balance their work, health and fitness in a relaxing and enjoyable manner.” 


Becki Coombe, Director, The Learn2 Group 


“After having a taster session with Ernie I sent my husband, {a work-aholic who finds it very hard to relax} for a massage, My husband had also had a back spasm that had never completely gone, Ernie not only assisted in helping my husband relax but the pain has gone! Ernie treats my husband every week through our choice, the benefits are endless. Ernie operates with a professional manor, a kind and gentle nature you cant help but like him, a true gent.” 

Turner Photo Art Amanda Turner.

“Ernie is a man you have to trust when it comes to your body and mind. Thankfully I trust ernie and beleive in his methods which have helped loosen up sore muscles and help bring me relaxation from a busy and demanding lifestyle which I lead. Ernie has been dumbed ” Magic Ernie” for he really helps reduce the pain and tension in your body.” 

Mark Sephton

“The last year has been very stressful and I found that I was holding my stress in my body, leading to much back and neck pain. Even if you take Ibuprofen at night, it doesn’t stop you from waking up with pain the next morning and it is too easy to get too dependent on pain relievers and deal with the symptoms rather than the cause. I met Ernie through his Tai Chi class and when I asked about the Shiatsu, he gave me a taster session. Even from that taster, I could feel results immediately! Knots in my back loosened right away! Since then, I have had several Shiatsu sessions with Ernie. All I can say is thank you to Ernie and that it is so great to not wake up with pain anymore! The results are sometimes not noticeable right after the session but take effect over the following days. And, they are lasting! If stress is taking its toll on your body, don’t wait! Call Ernie today and schedule a Shiatsu appointment with him. Based on my experience, I highly recommend him!”  

Margit Selvey



“I first hired Ernie to kick start my fitness regime in 2010. Since then I’ve been able to enjoy various workouts with Ernie where he really gives a balanced routine which you feel instant benefits from. I’ve also been able to enjoy the benefits of Ernie’s shiatsu massage which has helped me a great deal in lowering stress, easing of tense muscles and aiding utter relaxation. I highly recommend Ernie to anyone who wants a true dedicated fitness professional guiding them to the ultimate balance, health and fitness.” 

Vanessa Reece

“Ernie sorted my stiff neck out in just two sessions – excellent service and his treatment – works.”

“If you have aches and pains – see Ernie – he made mine disappear.”

 John Hoyte


“Ernie Boxall is a Master of his trade. He has the skill and passion with over 40 years experience to help any person is who is juggling with every day hassles of a busy life in 21st Century. Whether you are juggling family and work, stressed , want more energy and less pain Ernie will assess and guide you so you can enjoy your the successes and fruits of life . There is little point in achieving your goals/ targets in life if you are not fit or healthy enough to enjoy the rewards” 

“Ernie is getting me back into shape. It’s an intense hour but tailored to my needs.”


  Clive Fowler, Utility Warehouse



“Ernie has been a member of the Shiatsu Society since 2000 and is a highly valued member. He is an excellent Shiatsu Practitioner and we have no hesitation in recommending him.” 

Samantha Haywood ,The Shiatsu Society

 “I have had occasion to call on Ernie for a variety of things…warm-ups for team practices/helping my daughter with a torn ACL/charity events etc. What is so wonderful about him is the warmth of his character and the gentle care he gives. He is unstinting in trying to help others, his massages are magical (even my VERY sceptical daughter raves about him!). He is able to ‘get under your skin’ and straight to the focus of injury/pain etc is truly remarkable. The warm-up sessions for my tennis ladies was fun, focused and fit-for purpose. Comments after were …’my serve was much easier after that’…’the aches and pains were far fewer after Ernie’s session, thank you for bringing him to our practices’ etc. So, if you want fewer aches and pains, a better way of doing things then you can rely on Ernie to prepare a programme for your specific needs.”

Pamela Fabianska. Wills in Warwickshire


I met Ernie six month ago, and I have a problem with my legs, the right one doesn’t work very well, which makes walking difficult, I kept falling over!. Ernie started working with me to build up my right leg, and now I can go for long walks, confident that I won’t fall. I would recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to keep fit or who has had an accident and wants to rebuild their muscles.

Tony Dalton CEO Think Cash